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Continuation of Alpha-Bravo, under new GMship. The Longest Road (as one might guess from the name) is a Planes-trekking adventure with our dear old friends from Alpha-Bravo. Characters are beginning at 14th level, with ECL figured into that. And what a crazy assortment of characters they are...

Brief plot synopsis: several artifacts known as the Orbs of Dragonkind have gone missing, all at once. There's a centuries-old dragon war going on. The demons of the Abyss are somehow now involved in it too. Sil has had a vision of the dragon god Bahamut lying bleeding from the neck, a vision that left her with a splitting headache and growing sense of dread. The PCs have some orbs; the ones they have seem to vary from run to run. The Church of Tamara recently lost two to a traitor: white and blue. The red orb has been entrusted to That Old Man for safekeeping, or at least hiding. The green and black are in the hands of an abyssal lord, Pazuzu, and the bronze was recently recovered from the Plane of Water. The brass is next; in a great desert in the Wilds of the Material Plane.

Orbs we have as of the last run: Gold, Silver, Copper, Bronze.

Update: We got all the metallic orbs together an woke up Bahamut. Tiamat woke up shortly after. Io took them aside to spend some time together as a family. Now we're taking a little bit of downtime before heading back down into the Abyss to rescue Aezma and stop a war.

Longest Road House Rules - NEW! Some rules I may or may not decide to keep.

Longest Road Quotes

Game Master 

Pathfinder Stuff

Pantheon - from Alpha Bravo, Chad's alternate pantheon. Current LR includes standard 3.5 D&D pantheon, Chad's pantheon, and all the dragon gods from the Draconomicon.


Michael (Portrait) 
Sil (Portrait) 

Retired Characters

Mia (Portrait) 


Zahnnie's old PC before she took over GMship.
Oraine's incredibly good looking brother, a ranger type of some sort.
The Old Man 
A very old elf, more than a little crazy. Recently revealed to be the god Io, father of Bahamut and Tiamat.
The party's guide to the planes. A (previously) retired raptoran Guide.
A mercane merchant in the Plane of Air. He has a cousin, too.
The Bariaurs 
Goat-taur warriors of GOOD, who champion and defend against EVIL! And make songs.
Sil's mom. A gold dragon of some renown. The Gold Dragon.
Mirenuth and Seth 
A mated pair of silver dragons who recently had their egg stolen (and returned).
Silvia and Vincent 
Kith to Mirenuth and Seth respectively.
The Lillend 
Possibly the only creature prettier than Ellowyn.
The Inevitables 
Clockwork creatures that could pwnz Ezel.
Michael's Mom.
A curious plane of existence that doesn't like to be chopped to bits.
Son of Obad-hai, a tiger-like demigod of hunting and posing awesomely.
The cutest little baby succubus.
WAY cooler than the other guy. Way.
Fine, but HE has three levels of the Abyss.
Minion of Pazuzu, killed Graz'zt.
Church of Tamara Group 
Marcus (and Eruuyel), Aezma, Nula, and Senyo
Former companion of Sil, now working for/with (?) the Church of Tiamat. a double agent.
Recently liberated flunkie of Zahn, now travelling with the Church of Tamara. party
The Dragons 
Legendary figures appointed as guardians of the orbs during the thousands-of-years-long Dragon War


At least on the Material Plane, the calendar follows a 365-day year, with 12 months corresponding to our standard ones. (I'm going to rename them and haven't decided the exact names yet, will fill in as needed.)

The current year by Spire and Fiana calendars is 1372 A.F. (After Founding). By Alsomia calendars it's 1792 A.F. (it's a slightly older nation).

Bahamut and Tiamat were resurrected 3 Lightning Moon (August 3rd), 1372/1792. Work from there. (When are your character birthdays? Other than Ezel, who had a birthday (wtf?) on July 1st/1 Blessing Moon by my reckoning.)


Astrology on the Material Plane

  • January = Wolf Moon
  • February = Cold Moon
  • March = Wind Moon
  • April = Growing Moon
  • May = Flower Moon
  • June = Horse Moon
  • July = Blessing Moon
  • August = Lightning Moon
  • September = Harvest Moon
  • October = Blood Moon
  • November = Snow Moon
  • December = Dark Moon


  • Marcus - 10 Wolf Moon (January 10th)
  • Oraine - 3 Wind Moon (March 3rd)
  • Teris - 27 Wind Moon (March 27th). And he's a rogue. Go fig. (Randomly rolled too)
  • Michael - 31 Flower Moon (May 31st)
  • Ezel - 1 Blessing Moon (July 1st), at least according to his mother...
  • Aezma - 1 Blessing Moon (July 1st)
  • Nula - 7 Blessing Moon (July 7th)
  • Zahn - 28 Blessing Moon (July 28th)
  • Sil - 3 Lightning Moon (August 3rd) as a gold dragon. (Take that, Mom. :P) (Though she probably was a Lightning Moon baby anyway).
  • Senyo - 20 Blood Moon (October 20th)
  • Ellowyn - 18 Snow Moon (November 18th)
  • Vin - 24 Snow Moon (November 24th). This is Sil and Zahn's best estimate, so they adopted it as his birthday.

Places of Note

Material Plane

The main continent of the Material Plane.
That Old Place 
Home to The Old Man.
Silara's Den 
Where you can knock on (up) Sil's mom.
Elven town near Silara's den.
Creatively named capital city of Spire (the country).
Raptoran village where Evathyth is from.
Ezel's Hideout 
Where he larns him some stuff.
Querca's Grove 
Recently mostly-destroyed.
Pevishan village about six weeks' travel, on foot, from Greywood.

Astral Plane

The Kevin 
Currently tucked up some rock-butt.


see Neth, the character


Top Layer
Layer 23 (?) 
A jungle.
Charra's Prison 
Ice palace engraved with pictures of Graz'zt pwning.
Graz'zt's Palace 
Where the PCs loot-zored his treasure and then he exploded.

Plane of Air

Sky Reach 
A major city.
The Silvers' Castle 
Mirenuth's and Seth's sweet crib.
Artist's colony. Pretty.

The Outlands

City of Doors, it floats above the infinitely tall Spire of the Outlands (impossibly)

The Corridor

Time passes funny here!

Plane of Water

Small kingdom of merfolk

Run Notes

Run 1 -- 3/19/2005
Run 2 -- 12/12/2005
Run 3 -- 2/2006
Run 4 -- 4/16/2006
Run 5 -- 8/20/2006
Run 6 -- 11/12/2006
Run 7 -- 4/15/2007
Run 8 -- 5/20/2007
Run 9 -- 7/14/2007
Run 10 -- 8/18/2007
Run 11 -- 12/3/2007
Run 12 -- 3/8/2008
Run 13 -- 6/29/2008
Run 14 -- 7/13/2008
Run 15 -- 9/14/2008 (needs summary. Now offering double XPs. DOUBLE BONUS TIME, time, time... 1,000 XPs!)
Run 16 -- 12/14/2008
Run 17 -- 1/18/2009 (needs summary. Now offering double XPs. DOUBLE BONUS TIME, time, time... 1,000 XPs!)
Run 18 -- 3/29/2009 (needs summary.)
Run 19 -- 5/24/2009 (needs summary.)
Run 20 -- 10/18/2009 (needs summary.)
Run 21 -- 1/9/2010 (needs summary.)
Run 22 -- 1/23/2010
Run 22.1 -- 2/20/2010 (Michael and Sil's side-story adventure) (needs summary.)