Super Ninja Squad

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Can the Ninja Squad defeat the evil Primaveri family restaurant chain and save their local pizzeria?


My first foray into running a BESM 3.0 game, this may get a bit rough at times. Base characters will have 300 cp to start. Setting will be Modern Day Urban Fantasy for skill costs. Follow the regular (Not simplified) rules for character creation. Good luck! I'll write up more as I come up with it.

Pizza Gazzebo, run by Giuseppe and Maria Gazzebo and their children is a small family pizzaria that the Primaveri Family Restaurant chain is trying to buy out. So far, they're doing fine, and haven't had any issues with refusing the offers the Primaveri have been making.

Of course, with challenges of being in high school, having boys, rival athletes, and the occasional "Family Man" coming after them, the kids have had to be pretty quick.

Then Marc showed up, and things got even more interesting.

PCs (maybe)