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Because Z is better than X

This is Morrigu's low-level, short term run in basic D&D 3.5 rules. It should last for about half a dozen runs on a biweekly basis. It won't be a super serious run, but there might be some drama.

The run will likely be a series of dungeon crawls with opportunity for city-based interaction between dungeons. 4-8 players. Time and date haven't been decided yet.

Z Team Quotes

Character Creation Guidelines

Stats will be generated by rolling 3d6 6 times. You get to swap two scores once, so you can put your 15 where your 4 was, but that 4 goes where the 15 was. You may have to reroll if the stats are too good. Then again, you may have to reroll if your stats are too crappy.

Basic races and classes are available. You'll have to talk to Morrigu for non-standard races. Any race that has a level requirement won't be available.

Character Ideas

Put your character ideas up here.