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We'd ordered the Wii in advance, of course. With all the hype and fervor, everyone wanted one of these damn things and we wanted to make sure we were at the top of the list down at EB. It had taken us a little while to decide about the color: lime green was of course out, and after a while we ruled out red and blue as well. White, silver, or black? It was with careful thoughtfulness that we finally decided on silver.

Well, the day had finally come. We waited in line, shivering, at the EB, taking turns sitting in the heated car while the other person held our place in line. But finally, the doors opened, and we battle through line until they gave us our precious, precious box.

We held it close to us in hushed reverence, each of us gently stroking the box. We had decided ahead of time that Chadius would be the one to carry it back to the car, since he's the most responsible of us. So he did, and Ardonite and I glared daggers at anyone who got too close to our precious, precious package.

We drove back home and the boys got everything connected while I heated up some snacks and got the beverages ready. It was going to be a long night, and we needed to be prepared.

They called me back in as soon as they were ready, and we all watched in awe as the logo swirled around the screen. "Zelda first," Ardonite said, and I think he was close to tears. Chadius put the disc in and we all held hands as Twilight Princess loaded up.

Ardonite had won the toin coss a week back, so he got the first shift on Twilight. He and Chadius switched back and forth between it until about 6 AM: I had a quick shift on it but was content to watch for the most part.

We all had a short nap from 6-9 AM. We'd agreed to all sleep the exact same hours, so that we could maximize our Wii time without missing anything. We'd also all taken the next few days off work, so we wouldn't miss anything there either.

At 9 AM we pulled out the breakfast I'd made in advance. It was time for Animal Crossing. Oh man. It took me a few tries to get the right hair color; the boys were easier to make. And the bug catching! God! I... I won't go into the details, because I don't want to spoil it for you. But you're gonna like it, Past Me. You'll like it.

We each got two hours on Animal Crossing, divided into hour chunks to share the daylight. Lunchtime was sandwiches Chadius had made the day before, and by 3 PM we were ready for something more exciting. Metroid! This one was pretty much all Chadius and Ardonite too; I love to watch that kind but can't get the gameplay down.

6 PM we were all pretty tired, so we had a two-hour nap and then some off-time to shower and eat dinner- some toaster pizzas Ardonite had picked up. We'd been snacking on some veggies and stuff during the day to keep mildly healthy, and tons of water and juice. By 9 PM we were ready for action again. It was time for Super Smash Bros to come out.

The upstairs folk came down at this point and we had a great three-hour tourney. Then it was back to Zelda, lots of it. We were pretty far into the plot at this point, but at four AM it was time for some rest.

The next four days were much the same, spent in extreme bliss and no work, only play. All play and no work makes Zahnnie a happy, happy girl.

*sniffle* I can't wait for this to happen! -Zahnnie 14:16, 26 Jul 2006 (EST)