Ubernerd's Drink-Until-You-Soil-Yourself Going-Away Bash 2009 - AKA: The Good Decision Party

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It's true - Ubernerd is taking the Pet Shop Boys' advice to GO WEST and would like to make her exit in an epic fashion! Therefore, it's time to organize a party. Submit your ideas below, along with suggested dates and locations for said event (I am likely to make my going-away partying a week-long affair) so we can get this party started!!!


The Big Gay Martini party will have to wait, because we will be having a Tarts and Vicars party.

Come dressed as a member of the clergy or as a hooker. Picture booth will be set up. Classy hors d'oeuvres will be served, including an assorted cheese platter and communion wafers. We will probably have professional tard farmers throughout the party who come by with the Gatorade and water.


Saturday, August 8th at 6PM


Utter Chaos

Confirmed Guest List

  • Ubernerd
  • Zahnnie
  • Chadius
  • Aurora
  • Nybble
  • Caryatid
  • Val (guest of Caryatid)
  • RedCat
  • Brendan & Shirley
  • Shannon & Steve W.
  • Tom
  • Tiff
  • Mike
  • Emily & Friends
  • Toh
  • James

Food ideas

  • Bust out the chocolate fountain for dessert? - This is Gu and Ratri's and I don't know if they'll be able to make it to the party, so I wouldn't count on it. :(
  • Communion wafers (those plain rice crackers from Trader Joe's look like communion wafers)
  • Chez
  • Beer
  • Vodka and rum infused gummi bears, worms, and sour patch kids

Drink ideas

  • Skittles Vodka
  • Epic Jello Shots
  • Vodka or 151 (some clear liquor) served out of a birdbath or something so that it looks like holy water -- I might have something that'll work for that. Aurora
  • Red wine served in little cups (communion)
  • American Beer