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The new unit as of mid-2010... (Info pending)

ALL POINTS BULLETIN: I was thinking I'd be able to make this move mostly solo, given the amount of overlap time I'm given, but still waiting on them to paint (they'd better, at least in Ubernerd's bedroom and the livingroom) and to clean the carpets... so the more time they take, the less I have. When I have unfettered move-in clearance, I may need to call on short-notice aid. I apologize in advance, and have beer. Updates as information becomes available....

For now, I'm just scheduling a 7/31 block as an eleventh hour thing, but I pray that the bulk will be done/doable before then.

Well, they didn't paint the livingroom OR Ubernerd's bedroom (re: latter, YET! If I have to ride them like a $20 whore, moaning 'til the very end, I will!), though they DID at least do the carpets... can't wait any longer now, so I'm gonna finish moving in, and give them a verbal splenectomy later. Anyway, if I keep getting stuff done Thurs/Fri nights and Sat AM, things should be just fine and on schedule; thanks all for volunteering to help, and see you on Saturday! --Caryatid 09:39, 29 July 2010 (EST)

Now they say they will be painting the LR, on Tuesday, so we may have to shift out what we can and build a tower of Babel in the middle of the rest. Also, must photo any ugly spots in Ubernerd's room, to argue for painting that too, while they're at it.--Caryatid 10:52, 30 July 2010 (EST)

100725 Diva helps move1.jpg


Don't yet know what we'll be calling the place yet; starting with Sanctuary for now and seeing if it evolves -- mostly based on the obvious theme/connotations, and that the router is named Caritas. Yes, I'm a nerd and Joss-minion.

Free-think name possibles below:

  • Sanctuary
  • Second Church of Puppy Snuggles
  • Chiesa Bonita
  • The Tea House
  • Something re: Rosaries/Stained Glass/Temple/Chapel/Nave....
Don't know where I'm going here....
  • La Maison Derriere
  • The Licentious Liturgy
  • The Velvet Rectory
While I love velvet, we may never see Zahnnie again...

Feel free to add your ideas here. Churchy/sinful material welcomed; irony-cards are wild.


Most of the decor pictured is that of the previous tenant, a talented artist and steampunk enthusiast. She even makes masks; a woman after my own heart. We may commission a piece from her once we're fully settled in....

Sanctuary Shopping List

  • Expanding yellow foam for mouse-proofing and insulation
  • Felt furniture feet protectors (for the wood floors)
  • Rubber bumpers for drawers and cabinets
  • (1-2) Over-commode chrome shelving units ala BloodBath or its ilk. (Both bathrooms have tiny-tiny footprints.).
Target's going/back to college setup was good to the apt, if not conducive to frugality, but progress is goodness.
  • A 802.11n Router -- cable signal is strong, modem is molto-potente, router is ... seven years old, 802.11g, and kinda not up to the task. CRAPPE!
Comcast offers free routers to borrow (not even leased with fees, just pay one time shipping), of the N or better kind... and it works so well, I torrented so much in the first month I got threatening calls from Comcast that I was over my limit! Who even knew there WAS a limit???

Caryatid-specific Shopping List

  • Doggles for Diva, to protect her eyes from Blackberry for the first week or so.
Photos pending...
  • Replace shot doormat in a style to suit guest entrance: something like this would match the coatrack.
  • Replace deceased Sukka-Foo Roomba (Long-term / high-cost wishlist item.)
Ubernerd has! EEEEE. I've so missed the pitter-patter-whirr of little robotic servos around the house.
  • Brolly-Coat-Hat Rack I'm in love with this exact one, and think I can get it cheaper on Amazon. Apt needs it for lack of closet near either entryway.
I think this will be my house-warming present to self soon. Yes. NODNOD. So worth it! Eee. :-)
  • Little Giant Ladder (for cleaning, decorating, etc., brand-specific out of infomercial love and compact storage size.)
  • Boston Wood Bookcases To replace Target beaters as they die.
  • Boston Wood Bed -- preferably based on design sketch sent in, quote pending (Photo upload pending.)
  • Stationary Bike Converter (Long-term wishlist -- pending bike cleanup...)
  • NAS/concatenated drives/Drobo (Long-term / v. high-cost wishlist item; I'm just sick of pouring $$$ into an endless chain of external harddrives, constantly maxing out and replacing. Either get some Network Attached Storage, or build the world's mightiest daisy-chain.)
  • A big-a$$ September raise. Come on, employer, enough with the hiring; reward your stressed out long-term employees!
  • Jabba the Laptop may too need replacement -- he is getting elderly, syphilitic, and randomly crapping himself as often as he is fully functional, these days. POO!

Ubernerd-specific Shopping List


  • Big kitchen trash can
  • Narrow storage drawers for sewing notions. Something like this, maybe? It's really nice, but I'd have to see it in person to be sure. It would be a lot nicer than the plastic drawers I was using before.
  • Hand soap for upstairs bathroom (Target)
  • Qtips and Qtip holder
  • Little bathroom organizer for the bitchload of hair products and hair stuff that's coming (upstairs bathroom)
  • 2 small bookshelves from Target, one for bedroom, one for upstairs study
  • Shelves or something for inside of lower cabinets
  • Plastic floor mat for BB's food since it's going to be up in my study
  • Extra shelving for outside the kitchen
  • Curtain rod/blinds for room
  • Screen or something to hide the storage area upstairs

Shaw's groceries:


  • Clevercat shitbox for Blackberry
  • Cat fudd


  • Flat panel monitor for television/display needs in-room (long-term wish)

First Church of Puppy Snuggles

The old unit from 2003-2010... (Info pending)


Messy for now; I'll get better ones when the place is all cleaned out....