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Armed with a turkey baster and a pair of forceps, Ubernerd is the resident OB/GYN of Utter Chaos.

Harr... if only. Ubernerd is just this chick who comes around periodically to check Aurora and Zahnnie's gas meters.

Ubernerd's All-Purpose Wish List - Just in case you need me to tell you what I want (what I really, really want)

I live in Maison Derriere, where I host The Main Event as well as an ASSortment of fancy dress parties, emphasis on the Ass.

My Fearsome Craps - honestly, kind of self-explanatory. It's the column that made Ubernerd and Zahnnie famous, back in the day when we were still *really really bad* cooks.

Ubernerd's RPG Characters... because I just realized what a great idea Zahnnie and Chadius had going there.

Ubernerd on Glamour - Health? Beauty? Fashion? Yeah, we do that.

My Fearsome Haikus - experimental companion pieces to the My Fearsome Craps page.

For a touch of culture... I present the literary masterpiece Tampsterdam

And now, my (in)famous collection of recipes: The Ghetto Gourmet - your one-stop source for all the official Cookin' With Kim 'n Steph dishes, Ubernerd's Le Bunghole Brewerie meads, and so much more! For even more brewing delight, Morrigu has just started his own delicious line of beer recipes which can be found here! Hooray for having a brewing buddy!

At Zahnnie's request, I'm putting a link here to the Bubonic Plague Luncheonette so she only has to click once instead of typing out the whole link (you lazy bum). I'm not sure if this goes against the principles of the BPL yet, since people who read the thing should at least be able to spell "Bubonic Plague Luncheonette" at the very minimum.

Finally, as an everlasting work in progress, I am including here: The List of Things I Hate With Every Fiber of My Being

And lest ye think I be nothing but a cantankerous, traffic-hating, constipated chef, here is a list of Shit That Makes Me Really Happy

Here's a list of Music I'm Working On, in part to keep me motivated and to help me keep tabs on my progress.

Oh shit, here it comes! Here's a bunch of links for places I like on the internet!