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So, we've got writers and artists and inkers and a good web admin (puppy!) so now we need a plot.

  • The Hub
  • Utter Chaos, for realz yo
  • Utter Chaos, with super powerz! (yo) (bater)
  • Deewee and Pixel
  • Longest Road (now with more backstory)
  • Quasi-elemental humans trying to live in (major city of choice, uhh...New York.) There's a calm water guy, a competitive fire chick, and so on.
  • Aurora's run-that-was where we were in a city, and someone got kidnapped in a theater, and...well, where Stylus came from and stuff... (Wait... my what? -Aurora 17:05, 27 Jan 2006 (EST)) (The run you started a while ago. Stylus was the leader of a gang-turned-local enforcement group. You did one session.--Chadius 18:35, 27 Jan 2006 (EST)) (Oh holy poop, my Clan one. That'd be fucking scary--it's a seriously over complicated world. -Aurora 11:37, 30 Jan 2006 (EST))
  • My not-even-remotely-serious super tongue-in-cheek superhero parody
  • Action game-movie super parody. Family of swordsmen, demon curses, power-hungry empire, evil devils, inappropriately-dressed chicks, you name it.
  • Evil web comic! Instead of being heroes, why not be villains? Or ex-villains, trying to live in peace (for themselves; the rest of the world can fend for itself) and constantly being bothered by overly enthusiatic superhero-types, who must of course be properly smacked down? Oh, and the occasional old 'friend' who wants to borrow your old superweapon...