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Here's Ratri's monster list:

  1. Nanoo, a Garu/Garu - Made it to S rank
  2. Din, a Salamander (Zuum/Dragon) from Aladdin (Thus the name)
  3. Ruth, a Lesione/Dragon
  4. Puu, an Antlan/Antlan
  5. Baldie, a Raiden/Raiden
  6. A Zuum/???, the Dino off of an XBox game. It was ugly so she put it to rest.
  7. Kuroi, a Tiger/Zan (Nightfang)
  8. Jin, an Antlan/Garu from Nanoo and Puu
  9. Poisson, an Ogyo/Plant
  10. Nessie, a Zuum/Lesione from Din and Ruth
  11. Fruffy, a Zan/Raiden
  12. Yuki, an Ogyo/Tiger (Huskygill) from Poisson and Kuroi
  13.  ????, a Ripper/??? (Nightsickle)
  14.  ????, an Antlan/??? (Antlan Red)
  15. Mercury, a Jell/??? (Metal Jell)
  16. Sauron, a Durahan/??? (Chaos Durahan)
  17. Violet, a Ogyo/Ripper from Yuki and ????
  18. Venus, a Jell/??? (Metal Jell) from Mercury and uh, Someone else
  19. v<3x0#, a Plant/Dragon (Mandrake) (I need to check this name and find the right codes...)
  20. Vale, an Antlan/??? (Antlan Blue)
  21. Noir, an Antlan/??? (Dark Antlan) from Sauron and ???
  22. Earth, a Jell/Joker from Venus and some random joker
  23. Schecky, a Raiden/Naga (Gargoyle)
  24. Aouuh, a Hare/Tiger

By Aurora

"Lots and lots" of help (and gropes) from Zahnnie

Everything after Yuki is added later and probably wrong, out of order, or otherwise stuff I put in after the monsters died and have no clue if it's right or not. --Ratri 15:18, 31 Mar 2005 (EST)