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I'm so tempted to make her dynamic powers with computers only work when she's in her underwear, a la Largo from MT. -Aurora 10:38, 21 Jul 2006 (EST)

Naked form only! ;) -Zahnnie 14:12, 21 Jul 2006 (EST)

So, should I play the nanite card? Make that where her power flux comes from? Eventually she'll be able to affect anything material that she can understand ... though I'm not sure that would cover the Power Block (computer scanning) thing. -Aurora 22:06, 2 Aug 2006 (EST)

OMG, midichlorians! -Zahnnie 11:55, 3 Aug 2006 (EST)

Hasn't JLU taught you anything? Nanites can do everything! It's so much better than magic. --Chadius 12:58, 3 Aug 2006 (EST)

Seduction eh? SLUT! -Zahnnie 15:12, 31 October 2006 (EST)