Zahnnie's Ranch

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I haven't played Monster Crack in a while because Aurora and Ratri are always on and I'm too lazy to switch my save over. ;) But I think I pretty much ended up with the Evil Ranch, accidentally...

  1. Wylde (Garu) - he did great, got to S rank.
  2. Winter (Wolfie - Garu/Tiger) - also did great, got to S.
  3. Eve (Lilim - Pixie/Joker) - lots of fun to play with, but only got to A.
  4. Pookie (Beaklon/Zan) - He smites all.
  5. Jerry (Tiger/Zan) - I orginally just got him to ride on but he ended up pwning.
  6. Fawkes (Phoenix/???) - He is full of awesome. And evil.
  7. Knives (Joker) - So much evil cackling. I want to breed him to Jerry to get a Barghest (Tiger/Joker).
  8. Snow (Garu/Tiger) - Wylde and Winter's kid. Looks promising!