Nature Walk Quotes

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  • "Kai versus bear... fight?" - Chadius
  • "Nymphs can take care of their own." - Nybble "There was a second nymph? I must have missed it." Morrigu
  • "...and then we found this bucket of evil." - Zahnnie "...Bucket of evil?" - Random NPCs
  • "Crit fail! Now your bow is stuck in the wall." - Chadius
  • "What would happen if we put the orb of cold in the bucket of Sparky?" -Miravel
  • "While I was away from the party our sorcerer... Err." -Kai "Dragon?" -NPC "Yup" -Kai "Mmm" -NPC (This happened 2-3 times with different NPCs)

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