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I would like to take this moment to say...the D-mobile kicks ass. --Ratri 10:19, 26 Jul 2006 (EST)

If you ever needa movie list, I was thinking of a "D" trilogy that made you famous:

D Man: Death
D Man II: Death Dealer
D Man III: Destructive Death Dealer

And you fight aliens or evil terrorists or something. One day you realize "Hey, that isn't makeup!" Or something along those lines.--Chadius 08:50, 27 Jul 2006 (EST)

I want to see him in a comedy with Jackie Chan. --Aurora 09:09, 27 Jul 2006 (EST)

I think it'd be really hillarious if he met Ceelie because she stumbled onto one of the sets and he thought she was a really adorable prop. --Ratri 12:30, 27 Jul 2006 (EST)

Heehee. Diiman has hightened awareness. At some point he has to say "Shhh... Do you smell that?" --Aurora 15:02, 21 Aug 2006 (EST)

Your car needs a name - Aurora 09:41, 18 Sep 2006 (EST)