Bad Drawing Ideas

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Stuff we've done

Stuff we want to do

  • Chibi YYH Halloween costumes - Kit is working on it.
  • Photoshopping our diversity on top of the screenshots from the summer camp in Addams Family Values - Aurora and Cheyne came up with this terrible idea. Cheyne is our Token Indian. She could be Wednesday. ;)
  • Apartment members as the Shinesmen. Good guys from upstairs, bad guys from downstairs. That's right, I get to be Sheena. - Zahnnie "Zahnnie, get in the glowing green square." - Aurora

Bad Webcomic Ideas

  • Star Wars: The Second Part of the Show - You guessed it, chibi Vader, dagger-sized lightsabers, 3PO whining about how his nose and arms are missing, Leia with buns (the hair kind, you dirty old man) the size of her whole torso, a death star the size of a basket ball that shoots a tiny laser light show, and of course, Yoda's head. I mean, if you chibi something that size, there's no body left! The plot balances around the Emperor's need to acquire the Ultimate Roll of Duct Tape in order to complete his OuchieBall of Eye-Searing Doooooooooom, currently in the possesion of R2D2. The Ultimate Roll of Duct Tape must be brought to the heart of the Rebellion in order to defeat the Emperor and his OuchieBall of Eye-Searing Doooooooooom. Of course, the Ultimate Roll of Duct Tape is also the source of all Jedi powers, and R2's punch cards. Contributions mainly by Ratri, Aurora and Nybble.
  • Toh's boyfriend. Ubernerd and Aurora have decided that if Toh were ever to have a significant other, it would be a clean young man from east Asia who was being groomed to be a male prostitute, brought to the US to undergo gender transformation surgery just to the point of having breasts. So, a bishie with boobs, and no hair. We think a comic needs to be made of this. (I vote for cute, snuggly, perky B cups. --Ratri 14:14, 14 Jun 2005 (EDT))
  • Utter Chaos as regular people: One comic about Dendina has been made. There are other ideas. -Aurora
  • Utter Chaos as demons: We have types for each person, with the demon kitties being all powerful and junk, and us not quite understanding how things work in demon-world. Recent viewings of B:tVS have made me twitch at the idea of crossover, but there really should be something to start with. -Aurora
  • The Treetop Institute of Magic: A few comics up. It's not really going anywhere right now. -Aurora
  • The Hub: The complete story (so far), in comic form. -Aurora
  • The Hunt for the One Gamer: A secret society dedicated to producing a Matrix-style elite gamer. Maybe it'll be an America vs. Japan thing--trying to make an American gamer who can compete with the bad-assness of the Japanese gamers. Maybe it's just a freaky breeding program based on hand-eye coordination, deductive reasoning, and spatial skills. Maybe aliens are involved. -Aurora