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Alpha-Bravo was a high level D&D run by Chadius which was split into two teams. Several members of Utter Chaos were on the Alpha Team. The run has come to an end under the DMship of Chadius, and will be resuming as The Longest Road care of Zahnnie. That's right, it's no longer Insert Name Here. Sorry.

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Here's the pantheon and cleric domains.


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Run Notes

These notes were taken from Michael's Journal.

Run 1 -- 2/2/2003

Get letter to go to castle. Let's go!

Meet the queen. We have been asked to protect the delegates which are coming to discuss intercontinental affairs.

Explosive Cocktail comes in window. We go out window to fight 4 earth elementals. We beat up elementals. A ninja arrives and leads us to another part outside of the castle where another battle was, but then the remaining guys teleported away

Run 2 -- 3/9/2003

And we go to a ... bar. We meet Ned at the bar. Guy in karate Gi. Sil goes with mr. dragon student. We follow. His master supposedly is a Copper dragon. Sil seems to believe him. He wins a jumping contest.

We enter a forest. There is a large amount of vegetation gone. Something big is eating it.

I fly above for a look of the area and see a guy being attacked by lots of nasty stuff. (George's character).

I scare off the wyverns, and we all kill shit. We meet Jirilon.

I spend some time speaking with Ned. He suggest learning to channel Ki into my weapons.

I see a black wolf who was injured on his side. After some pondering and stupidity, I finally realize that this is Jirilon. I suspect that he may be a wearwolf, but I never heard of one who maintains control when changed.

Run 3 -- 4/5/2003

We exchange Oraine for the Lyn. We all go back to the town so that we can perform our duty.

When we get to town we discover some celestials and daemons had been spontaneously attacking.

Sil and I get drunk having a contest. In the morning people wake up, the drunk people have hangovers. Two head out to gather some info.

When we get together at the fountain we hear that we should see the queen immediately. Smoke has been appearing randomly. This appears to be the cause of the outsiders going nuts.

The head guard asks us to go find his son in a nearby town. We go to that town in a day and a part. When we get there the son and two half-celestials and two half-fiends are being affected by the smoke. When we fight them a priest appears along with spinny flying axes. 4 dire tigers also appear.

We knock out the guys, kill the priest, and smack the tigers. Tie up guys. Find the son, bring them all back around.

We found a note on the body of the dead priest:

Operation 'Genesis Does What Lycanthro Don't' is underway!
The samples seem to work, so we should collect more.
Send the other Wolves to find the other samples.

Run 4 -- 5/11/2003

We get all the half-outsiders with us and head back to capital I also have a Dream:

It's pitch dark. You hear a voice moaning and crying... it unnerves you.
It vaguely sounds like your mother...

We get there, father-son reunion. When explaining what happens I hear that they heard a woman crying. Lyn and Mia take the smoke in the bag off to investigate it. Everyone splits up and I practice sword while I'm thinking about the correlation between my dream and what the other's said.

We get back together but the doggy brought back a group with a nymph, elf, human, and half-orc. They were there when the smoke broke out last time. They saw where the clerics tried to get away to. After some discussion on the materials of the smokey stuff, we decided to help them investigate. I went to sleep while everyone else plays with the nymph :P

We all get to the place with the rock they escaped to. It appeared that we needed to put celestial or fiend blood on the rock to open it. As I approached to use my own: "As you approach it, you hear moaning, similar to the voice in the dream."

Shiny light appears when I touch the rock. We all end up in a dark corridor. Lyn changes to umberhulk and burrows around. Group splits, I go with Lyn everyone else goes normal path and finds a bunch of traps.

At the bottom there is an evil priest. He had some white dragons and made this nasty

He gets away we kill dragons. I open another rock and find my mother... a fiend?

She's unconscious.
She has bat wings, Tough red skin, and smells like brimstone.
Yet she is your mother.

Run 5

Michael's Journal seems to be empty for this run. This was the last run by Chadius. What lies here are the things that Nybble can piece together from memory almost 2 years later.

Michael got his mom taken care of at a local temple. While there he bumps into his old Paladin Superior & Trainer. He is slightly surprised that Michael is not a Paladin anymore, but is happy that he has not abandoned the Katana. He trains Michael to become a Weapons Master.

An old acquaintance of Sil's showed up in town. The next thing we know, we are all meeting him at a shady bar. He offers something for us if we can get him the prize in the underground extreme race. He had also entered his own separate group, but wanted to be super sure of wining (I don't really remember what we got out of all this besides experience).

The competition was a complex and dangerous obstacle course. In order to finish, the team had to have a certain portion of their members reach the end. The first team to meet the finishing requirements won. The audience was full of evil people. The really didn't appreciate seeing a half-celestial in one of the teams.

The course began in a room with a really big rock covering a hole in the floor. There were three rotating handles that lifted the rock off the ground as the were turned. Between Michael and Sil, the rock didn't really pose much of a problem.

After a nice drop, we came to a room with three bridges spanning a drop in the floor. If you fell you could come back to the start easily, but you couldn't climb the cliff on the other side because it was covered with nasty ice. The three bridges were different widths. The easy wide one was in a very cold environment, so people crossing it would take cold damage. There was a very narrow one with no cold, and there was a middle one with moderate cold. Sil crossed on the narrow, someone crossed on the middle, and Michael flew Jirilon across.

The next room was a big pool with a landing on each side with a door. We came in one and easily crossed the pool to reach the other. It was locked, but as he swam across, Jirilon also dove to the bottom and picked up the key from the bottom of the pool.

After that we discovered that we had won. The audience was very upset that we had finished it so ridiculously quickly. The next team showed up several minutes after us. The announcer said some stuff that annoyed the PCs and the audience, Jirilon got big and furry, announcer shut up, audience cheered. "Yah! Kill him!" Wee! Fun!

The next day we get a summons to the castle again. On the way Michael's mom teases him about Sil. Upon reaching the castle, the run comes to an end.