Halloween Party 2009

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Villainous, villainous league get-together

Invite details:

After reviewing our wiretap recordings and data sniffers, we at Utter Chaos have noticed a trend. Far too many of you are having issues with world conquest, hero-killing, henchmen defection, and evil schemes just generally falling apart. So we'd like to propose an alliance. Call it an brotherhood or a league or gang or whatever catchphrase suits you most. UC will be set up as a secured meeting place and you're all welcome to join us.

Date: Saturday, October 31st, 2009 Time: 6PM to late. Place: Utter Chaos (20 Belton Street in Arlington) Sundry details: We have cats both upstairs and down--people will allergies beware.

Please come dressed in your villainous, villainous best. Henchmen also welcome (anyone not in villain-wear will be considered a henchman). Further details can be found at http://wiki.utter-chaos.net/ucwiki/index.php/Halloween_Party_2009. RSVP to reserve a spot near the death ray. We will be providing food and drink (possibly punch and pie) but any extra you'd like to bring will be welcome.

We want you there. It really is in your best interests to join our team. But, if you're still convinced that you can do it all alone, here are some other excellent reasons to take a break and hang out with us for just a night:

  • Someone dropped a house on your sister
  • You're not really bad; you're just drawn that way
  • Your little brother got to go to Battle School and you're stuck at home
  • Look what the unfreezing process did to Mr. Bigglesworth!
  • Your plans keep being foiled by pesky moose and squirrel
  • Tired of blasting off again and again
  • You were recently tricked into giving clothes to your house elf
  • That telepathic waitress keeps resisting your charms
  • The Green Lantern Corps is no longer weak to just the color yellow
  • You've killed 006, but you're having some trouble with the next one
  • But Black Dynamite, I sell drugs in the community!
  • You want to show us this great trick with a disappearing pencil

Please forward to any other megalomaniacs, sociopaths, or just plain bad guys that might be interested.

Guest List:

Alter-ego VILLAIN
Nybble Magus
Aurora Flea
Griffin Henchman 21
Shallowmore Henchman 24
Chadius  ???
Zahnnie  ???
Morrigu sore wa himitsu desu
Ratri sore wa himitsu desu
Sinic  ???
Pixie  ???
Ubernerd Mystique
Justin and Jenny Stupendous Man and Carmen Sandiego
Jorge  ???
Matt & Jess  ??? and Zombie Librarian
Caryatid Possibly Jessica Rabbit
Dave Storm Shadow (GI Joe)
Andy & Emily  ??? and ???