Halloween Party 2004

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We had a party! We'll probably do this again next year. It was excellent, though stressful to prepare. Pictures might go up here, but they also might be incriminating, so maybe not.

Rykilde has put up some pictures from the party.

Here's a list of people, their costumes, and what they won!

NybbleAsterixBiggest Cowlick, Shiniest, Most Likely to be used as a Plow, Most Asian (because of the shirt and braids after he took off the Asterix Costume)
RatriGwenCutest, Most Played With
ChadiusStylusMost Likely to Kick Ass (3 Way Tie), Who You Gonna Call?
ZahnnieNachtaBest Makeup, Maximist, Most Likely to Kick Ass (3 Way Tie), Most Likely to Worship a Dark God, Least Tasteful Application of the Color Black
KitXellia (She was Invisible)
MorriguG.O.D.Worst Makeup (Tie)
ArdoniteChippendale's DancerMost Hairless, Horniest
RykildeScary, Sexy Witch
HernanCaptain Nintendo
BenRockyMinimalist, Best Crotch, Best Butt, Thriftiest Use of Fabric
JenHarem Girl #7Jingliest, Jiggly and Bounciest, Most Votes
Baby CthuhluRudolph
PixelA Dog
BoingThe Mask of Shame
NickGalinese Guard
ChmrrShathûrMost Likely to Kick Ass (3 way tie), Most Metal, Worst Makeup (tie), Best Costume
GriffinRandom Bishie #3Longest "Sword"
JohnHunchbackMost Likely to be seen sleeping on the street
Asterix's ArmorDisco Ball
PixieSchool GirlBest Tentacle Bait
PhilScarlet O'HaraMost Applause, Ape, Best Crossed Dressed
SteveRenegade Artiste
RobertAlter-Ego (Monk)
KelseyDruidBest Dressed Nose

Might I also add: Yay, Candy. --Aurora 15:12, 6 Nov 2004 (EST)