Halloween Party 2008

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Party invite:

Every year, it happens. There's nothing that can be done to prevent it. Sometimes it's scary. Sometimes it's fun. This year we're back to celebrating it, and with all these superheroes around, there's no need to be scared.

After our hiatus last year, UtterChaos will be returning to your regularly scheduled Halloween party! As in years past, this will be an adults only part, as children may be scarred for life, or at the very least stuffed in the attic. There will be food and drinks aplenty, but if there's something in particular you feel you must share, please feel free to bring it along.

This will be a costume party, as it's Halloween, and we love costumes. We'll even have a costume contest at some point. This year we're encouraging DC superheroes (or villains), but feel free to show up as whatever you'd like. If you're not in a costume we take your shirt and make you wear the mask of shame for the night. Since this is an adults only party, feel free to get as risque as you'd like. In the past we've had such costumes as a harem girl, the fairy queen (Though he could have done better things with his hair), and even a female satyr with a belt, a dagger, and a smile. This year it's rumored we might even have orgazmo show up.

Please feel free to bring SO's, but check with us before you pass this invite along to anyone else. RSVP by Friday, 10/24 or we take your pants at the door. (Someone showing up without an RSVP and not in costume might get a bit chilly). When you RSVP, we'll put you up on our wiki page as being in attendance, and if you want us to put up your costume as well, let us know what you'll be showing up as and we'll add that too. The wiki page is at http://wiki.utter-chaos.net/ucwiki/index.php/Halloween_Party_2008


Utter Chaos (20 Belton Street, Arlington)

Friday, 10/31 from 7pm till we kick people out

  • Some crash space available [PinkCat calls dibs on any minimally felined sleepzone, if available.]
  • We have lots of cats of the furry (and non-furry) variety
  • If we get enough 'yes' responses we'll break out the chocolate fountain and make treats to dip into it. So tell us if you're coming!


The Utter Chaos Party Committee

We missed 2007, but we're back! Get set for a Halloween party actually on 10/31. This year's theme: Super Heroes!

So far, our League of Utter Chaos includes:

Hero (or Villain) Secret Identity
The Goddamn Batman Chadius, aka BatChad
Wonder Woman Zahnnie
Lobo, the Main Man Morrigu
Zatanna Aurora
Nightwing Nybble
Starfire Ratri
Black Canary(? Not claiming outright) Emily
Orgazmo Ben
Choda Boy Ardonite
Jin Kazama The Revolution
Hawkgirl kit
Poison Ivy RedCat
Princess Nutpunch PinkCat
Black Canary Jen
Dr. Horrible Chris K
Obi-Wan Kenobi Symmetry
Roulette Kim
Buttercup Rykilde
Dr. Doom Jerrod
Emma Frost Beth
Also Poison Ivy Laurel
50s Diner Waitress Vorsaga
50s Greaser Kilean
Mario Mario Gnome
Ash (Bruce Campbell) from Army of Darkness Eric
The Lone Coder THE ARABUNDI (Mass)

Other Attendees (who we don't know what they're dressed as):

  • Scott H
  • Sinic
  • Pixie
  • Boom - Who should totally be Green Arrow because it would be awesome.
  • Emily's friend Robin
  • Dennis
  • Missa
  • Hernz
  • Brenda
  • Merrill
  • Julie
  • Maggie
  • Dave
  • Mike W
  • Greg
  • Ari
  • James
  • Victoria

Late entries (RSVP after 10/24, pants optional)

  • Alex & Laurel
  • Mike & AJ